Mobile fingerprinting is especially convenient for Corporate groups of employees and executives because we can come to you and fingerprint everyone on-site, all together. This saves everyone’s time and energy from seeking out this service on their own and it generally costs less getting fingerprinted as a group rather than getting fingerprinted individually. Mobile fingerprinting helps companies maintain a higher level of employee productivity by fingerprinting them all on-site and allowing them to immediately go back to work.

Police and other law enforcement agencies who fingerprint for the public DO NOT offer a mobile service and they will not fingerprint large groups of people in the same appointment. They simply will not dedicate their time and resources for this purpose. We are officially certified to provide you with the same level of state and federal (FBI) criminal background check fingerprinting that the police departments do AND we stock all of the required FD-258 applicant fingerprint cards.

Scanning & archiving fingerprints: When executives and employees are required to complete multiple fingerprint cards for many different states (10 or more cards for example) we can bring our FBI approved Mobile Livescan system to fingerprint them electronically in just 5 minutes or less and then print off all of the fingerprint cards they will need. This process is much cleaner and more efficient. In addition, we can archive their fingerprints in our database for future fingerprint card requests. This way, the executive or employee will not need to spend time meeting for fingerprinting again and again and you will save on mobile trip charges. In this example, you would simply call us to print off additional fingerprint cards in the future (including any state specific cards) and we would get them sent out to you expeditiously from our office. We make fingerprinting a very simple process for you!


Establishing Paternity is one of the most important decisions unmarried parents have to make.  TEST FIRST DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING ® Dallas  TX is your community resource for paternity testing, to help parents choose the right test to match their needs and most importantly, the needs of the child.

Paternity testing is not an easy issue to talk about.  Conversations become emotional, and new parents and family members have difficulty talking about the subject of paternity, as it may conflict with their personal values.  Mothers and alleged fathers need answers – for their own peace of mind as well as the security of their child.  TEST FIRST DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING Dallas is here to help your  patients or clients that need DNA testing services.

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